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Companion Device

The Companion device is a flagship Android smartphone. It is a regular phone that is not customized or modified in any way. We support a small number of models, carefully selected and tested for maximum stability and performance. The Pupil Invisible Companion app is tuned to work with these particular models as we require full control over various low-level functions of the hardware.

The models we currently support are OnePlus 6, OnePlus 8, and OnePlus 8T.

If you want to replace or add an extra Companion device you can purchase it directly from us or from any other distributor. The companion app is free and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Using a fully charged OnePlus 8 device you get around 150 minutes of continuous recording time. You can extend this duration by simultaneously charging the phone during a recording using a powered USB-C hub. With this setup you connect the hub to the phone, and the Pupil Invisible device and a power source to the hub.

Note that not every USB-C hub is compatible with Android! One hub we have tested successfully is available here. Also, note that the original OnePlus charger is not compatible with regular hubs (including the linked one) because it uses non-standard power delivery. Other regular USB chargers should work though.

Companion Device Updates

Companion App

Make sure to update the Companion app on a regular basis. The latest version will always be available on the Play Store.

Android OS

We ship each Companion Device with a specific Android Version, carefully tested to ensure robustness and stability.


We recommend that you don't allow Android system updates on your device. Some Android versions have issues with accessing USB devices, rendering them incompatible with Pupil Invisible.

If you purchased your device from a third-party distributor, you'll need to ensure that the correct Android version is installed. The currently supported Android versions are as follows:

  • On OnePlus 6: Android 8 and 9
  • On OnePlus 8 and 8T: Android 11


Should you have upgraded to an incompatible Android version by accident, you have the option to rollback to a compatible version. You can find the instructions here