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Cleaning and Disinfecting ‚Äč

Pupil Invisible contains cameras and other sensitive electronic components, so be carful when cleaning. The eye cameras, world camera and USB connection points are especially sensitive to liquid.


Do not rinse or wet-clean the Pupil Invisible Glasses as this may damage the electronics.

You can clean the scene camera and eye camera lenses carefully with the provided microfiber cloth if dust is visible. Similarly you clean the lenses of of the glasses themselves.

If desired, you can disinfect the frames between uses. The disinfectant we use is made from 22.0g Ethanol, 21.0g 2-Propanol, 8.0g 1-Propanol per 100 grams of solution. One such brand name that we use is "Vibasept". We use the wetted towelettes (wipes). Similar products should be available globally under different brand names.