# Getting Started

Using your Pupil Invisible for the first time? Follow the steps below to get up and running.

# 1. Set up your new Companion Device.

The Companion Device included in your Pupil Invisible box is a new device. It has never been turned on, so it will require setup.

Create a new Google account or use an existing Google account during setup.

# 2. Install and start Pupil Invisible Companion App.

  • Launch the Google Play Store app. It is already installed by default on your Companion Device.
  • Search for Pupil Invisible Companion in the Google Play Store and click install.
  • Start the Pupil Invisible Companion App.
  • First-time users will need to Sign Up for a Pupil Cloud account. You can Sign Up by using your Google account, or by creating an account with email address and password. Read more about Pupil Cloud.
  • Follow in-app setup steps.

OnePlus 6 Companion Device? Make sure you enable USB On-the-go (USB OTG). Make sure you enable the application lock. See Invisible Companion docs for instructions.

# 3. Connect your glasses

Connect Pupil Invisible glasses to your Companion Device using the Connector Cable. A series of permission prompts will appear. Tap "Use by default for this USB device" and "OK".

Always use the Connector Cable that came with your Pupil Invisible! If you are using a 3rd party USB-C to USB-C cable you might experience issues with the stability of your connection.

# 4. Record!

That's it, you are ready to record! Just hit the big red button on the Companion App's home screen to start.

If you run into any problems check out troubleshooting.

# 5. Playback and download

You can play back any recording you have made in recordings view.

After uploading to Pupil Cloud, you can playback recordings, enrich data, and download. Check out Pupil Cloud for more information.

Alternatively, you can export recordings from the Invisible Companion App and transfer them directly to your laptop/desktop PC.

# Chat with us

If you have questions or feedback we invite you to chat with our team and other members of the Pupil Invisible community on Discord!