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A recording starts and stops when you press the record button in the Pupil Invisible Companion app. While this should feel similar to recording a regular video on your phone, there is a lot more happening behind the scenes. When you are recording with the Pupil Invisible Companion app, you are capturing not only video data but several more sensors (see Data Streams).

Recordings are designed to be as robust as possible. If at any point the Pupil Invisible Glasses or scene camera module are temporarily disconnected from the Companion phone, they will automatically start capturing again as soon as they are reconnected. You could start a recording with Glasses connected and plug it in at a later time. As soon as it is connected, data will be captured.

The Pupil Invisible Companion app has several more features to ensure robust data collection and will e.g. warn you in case the Companion device's battery is running low or if you run out of storage space.

Wearers, Templates & Events

When making a recording you can capture various additional data to record things like meta data or key events that happened during data collection. These will be saved as part of the recording itself.

Wearers are the people who wear the Pupil Invisible Glasses while recording.

Templates are questionnairs that can be filled out at recording time.

Events are key points in time in a recording that have been marked.