# Neon & Cloud Documentation

Welcome to the Neon & Pupil Cloud docs! In this section of the docs you will learn everything there is to learn about the Neon ecosystem. Start by making your first recording and proceed all the way to implementing advanced applications. Everything you need is here.

# Getting Started

This section is for new users who want to get to grips with the tools. Working through the tutorials will put you in a great position to follow along with the rest of the documentation and get started with your project.

Make Your First Recording

Using your Neon eye tracking system for the first time? Follow these steps to make your first recording!

Understand The Ecosystem

The Neon ecosystem contains a range of tools that support you during data collection and data analysis. Learn more about all the tools available to power your eye tracking research!

Analyse Recordings in Pupil Cloud

This guide shows you how to go from newly uploaded Neon recordings to enriched data ready for analysis and download using Pupil Cloud.

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# Basic Concepts

This section explains all relevant concepts in detail and provides background information on how everything works. If you want to understand a certain aspect in detail, check out the respective section here.

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# Glasses & Companion

This section gives an overview of Neon, as well as of the Companion device and Neon Companion app. It also contains guides on how to handle the hardware, e.g. how to swap frames.

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# Enrichments

This section explains all the enrichments available in Pupil Cloud and guides you through using them successfully.

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# How-Tos

This section contains a range of how-tos that address specific topics and challenges.

Some highlights:

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    Monitor your Data Collection in Real-Time
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    Achieve super-precise Time Sync

# Real-Time API

The real-time API allows you to stream gaze data and scene video to any device connected to the same local network. Further, you can control all devices remotely to start and stop recordings or save events.

This section contains a range of guides introducing the real-time API and common use cases of it.

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    Track your Experiment Progress using Events

# Export Formats

This section is where you will find references for export formats, which you can consult when working with any data coming out of Pupil Cloud.

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# Troubleshooting

Having trouble with Neon or Pupil Cloud? We have collected the most common issues you may run into together with solutions in this section.

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