# Troubleshooting

Below you can find a list of issues we have observed in the past and recommendations on how to fix them. If the instructions do not solve the problem for you, please reach out to us on Discord or via email to info@pupil-labs.com.

# Neon & Neon Companion app

# Recordings are not uploading to Pupil Cloud successfully

  1. Make sure Cloud upload is enabled in the Neon Companion app's settings.
  2. Try logging out of the app and back in.

# The Companion device is vibrating and a red LED is blinking in the Neon module!

The vibrations and the blinking LED try to grab the wearer's attention to notify them of a problem that may critically hurt the ongoing recording. To get details on the problem, open the Neon Companion app, which will show an error description.

Potential problems include:

  • Low battery on the Companion Device.
  • Low storage space remaining on the Companion Device.
  • Unstable connection between Neon an the Companion device during a recording.

# I accidentally updated my Companion device to an incompatible Android version!

You need to rollback the Android version to be compatible again. Please note that all data on the phone will be lost during the rollback, so make backups accordingly.

The instructions below require you to copy files to your phone. If you are not familiar with this procedure, see steps 1-5 from these instructions.

OnePlus 8/8T

If you upgraded to Android 12 or newer and want to roll back, follow these steps:

  1. Download the ROM package for your corresponding phone model to your computer

  2. Download the official Rollback APK to your computer

  3. Copy the downloaded ROM and APK to the top level of the device's Internal Storage (do not put it inside of any folders)

  4. On the phone,

    1. open the pre-installed Files or File Manager application,
    2. navigate to the device's Internal Storage, and
    3. select the OPLocalUpdate_For_Android12.apk.

    This should start the install process for the application. (You might need to grant install permissions to the Files application. A corresponding dialogue will guide you if this is the case.)

  5. Open the newly installed System Update app

  6. Tap the ⚙️ icon in the top right

  7. Select the downgrade ROM from step 4

  8. Read and confirm the warning

  9. Enter the phone's pin

  10. Wait until the system update has been installed successfully

  11. Tap Reboot

# The scene camera and eye cameras are not being recorded or recognized in the Neon Companion app!

  1. Make sure you use the included black USB-C to USB-C connector cable rather than a third-party cable. Third-party USB cables vary widely in their quality and can lead to loss of connection.

# 'Always open Invisible Companion when...' dialog keeps opening when I plug in the Glasses!

This is an Android OS bug. Fix it by resetting Pupil Invisible Companion App to default settings:

  1. Long press on the Pupil Invisible Companion App icon in the home screen.
  2. Click App Info then Advanced followed by Open by default.
  3. Click Clear defaults. (No recordings will be lost.)
  4. Open the App and connect your Pupil Invisible device. Tick the "Always open Invisible Companion when..." checkboxes and accept the permission requests. Now they will be saved properly.

# Pupil Cloud

# My enrichment download contains only an info.json file and nothing else!

Did you use Safari browser to make the download?

  • Enrichments downloads come as ZIP files. By default, Safari will automatically extract ZIP files when the download is finished. However, it will only extract file types that are considered "safe". Surprisingly, CSV and MP4 files are not considered safe and Safari will by default only extract the remaining JSON files.

    To fix this you can either use a different browser to make the download, or disable the "Open 'safe' files after downloading" setting in Safari.

# Real-Time API

# I cannot connect to devices using the real-time API!

  1. Make sure the Neon Companion app and the device you are using to access the API are connected to the same local network.

  2. For discovery the local network must allow MDNS and UDP traffic. In large public networks this may be prohibited for security reasons.

    • You may still be able to connect to Neon using its IP address. You can find the IP address in the WiFi settings of the phone. Once you have it, you can connect like this:
      from pupil_labs.realtime_api.simple import Device
      # This address is just an example. Find out the actual IP address of your device!
      ip = ""
      device = Device(address=ip, port="8080")
    • Alternatively, you can circumvent this by running a separate WiFi using the phone's hotspot functionality or a dedicated WiFi router.