# Publications

# Publications from the Community

Pupil Labs products are being used in various areas of academic research and hundreds of publications have been made with them. You can find a list containing many of the existing publications here.

We are currently in the process of writing a white paper on Neon. Once it is done we would kindly ask you to cite it in your publications if you are using Neon in your research. Until the white paper is ready, please cite product page on the website: https://pupil-labs.com/products/neon/

When citing Pupil Neon in your publications, you may want to report the neural network version you are using. You can find this information in the info.json file, under pipeline_version.

For guidance on citing Pupil Invisible please see here and for Pupil Core see here.

# Publications from Pupil Labs

Pupil Labs has published several papers including white papers as well as peer-reviewed papers on eye tracking algorithms. Below they are listed chronologically:

# Pupil: an open source platform for pervasive eye tracking and mobile gaze-based interaction

# A novel approach to single camera, glint-free 3D eye model fitting including corneal refraction

# A fast approach to refraction-aware eye-model fitting and gaze prediction

# A High-Level Description and Performance Evaluation of Pupil Invisible

# Gaze-angle dependency of pupil-size measurements in head-mounted eye tracking