# Analysis

There are different options available for analyzing recordings made with Pupil Invisible. You can use Pupil Cloud, our open-source analysis tool Pupil Player, or export recordings to other third-party tools including your own custom software.

# Pupil Cloud

Pupil Cloud is a service you can use to store, visualize, and enrich your Pupil Invisible recordings. It integrates seamlessly with Pupil Invisible Companion App for robust uploading of recordings, wearer managment, and template creation.

Pupil Cloud is in active development and there are many exciting enrichment features in the pipeline that will be coming soon to Pupil Cloud!

# Pupil Player

Pupil Player is our open-source analysis software originally created for Pupil Core. You can use Pupil Player to open, playback, visualize, and analyze recording made with Pupil Invisible.

# Third-Party Tools

You can use Pupil Player to export Pupil Invisible recordings to a number of compatible third-party softwares - including iMotions and Blickshift. You can also export the raw data to CSV format and use it in your own custom software.