Whats in the box

  1. Pupil Invisible glasses
  2. Connector Cable: USB-C to USB-C cable to connect your Pupil Invisible glasses to your Companion Device
  3. Lenses: Clear plano lenses installed in Pupil Invisible glasses. Additional shaded lenses in the case.
  4. Companion Device
  5. Charging Cable and Socket Adapter: Use to charge your Companion Device
  6. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Pupil Invisible glasses

Learn more about the features of your Pupil Invisible glasses.

  1. Scene camera: Can be easily attached/detached via magnetic connector.
  2. Eye cameras
  3. Lenses: Ships with clear plano lenses in the glasses frame. You can easily turn your glasses into shades. See changing lenses for more info.
  4. USB-C port: Plug in USB-C cable here to connect to the Companion Device
  5. Serial number: 5 character serial number inset into the left arm.

Care Instructions

Pupil Invisible Glasses contain cameras and sensitive electronic components, do not rinse or wet-clean.

  • Glasses lenses can be cleaned with the provided microfiber cloth.
  • Scene camera and eye camera lenses can be carefully cleaned with the provided microfiber cloth if dust is visible.
  • The nose pads can be cleaned with an alcohol based disinfectant applied on a damp cloth

Changing Lenses

You can easily change the lenses of your Pupil Invisible glasses.

Removing Lenses

Hold the glasses with arms of the frame facing towards you. Push out from the inside of the frame on the lens surface with your thumb placed close to the nose pad.

You will hear a pop sound when the lens is removed or inserted. Don't worry - the frame and lenses are durable!

Inserting Lenses

Hold the glasses with arms of the frame facing away from you.

  1. Slot the lens in the groove on the side furthest from the nose pad.
  2. Press on the lens with your thumb or fingers on the top corner closest to the nose pad.